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1978 The Beginning - Charter Night 19/05/1978

Dungarvan Lions Club was sponsored by Clonmel Club for its formation in 1978. A meeting was held early in the year, which was sparsely attended, but those present got the message out through word of mouth and the local media, with a second meeting in Lawlor's Hotel being very well attended. Out of all of this the history of the very successful Dungarvan Lions Club began.


Pat O'Connell took over as President in year two, with Joe Doyle as Secretary.

The Club undertook an early visit to the elderly at the County Home, and thus set the tone for many years to come. The Halloween Concert got underway this year at the Friary Hall, when £700 was raised for deprived children at Cappoquin Group Home and a further £300 towards the Club's funds for other uses.

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Tom Coffey, President for the year, and his Vice President, Michael Holland, attended a training session in Killarney just before Tom took office. Carl Fay was Secretary.

50 patients of Carriglea had a great day out early in the season with 10 Lions members in an event organised by Ger Beresford. Following that, an outing was held at Lismore Golf Club, with the proceeds going to Lismore conference of Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

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Brian McNally became the sixth President in July 1983, while Michael Holland moved on to Zone Chairman. Carl Fay stayed on as Secretary.

A Gala Evening was held over the Summer months with the proceeds of £1,500 going to Abbeyside NS Building Fund.

The Club still had an involvement in the Causeway Tennis Club, with 580 members now in that club.

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John Hurley became President in July 1985, with Paul Clerkin entering his second year as Secretary.

The first big event of the year was the Makem and Clancy concert in July, which, despite a big outlay on performers, realised £2,341 for charity.

The Club certainly did not rest on its laurels for the Summer, as a Gala Evening in Whitechurch House was also held during the so-called Summer Break.

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The year 1987/88 saw Willie Flavin become the tenth President of Dungarvan Lions Club, while Paul Clerkin stayed for another year as Secretary. At the Annual Dinner a 10th Birthday cake was produced!

Club members put in a huge effort for the Over 55s Talent Show, trawling all of West Waterford to unearth talent for the TV Show.

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Richie Walsh was the thirteenth President of the Club, with Paul Clerkin once again being Secretary.

The year started out with a trip to Wexford for 50 residents of Carriglea, where a meal was also enjoyed.

After the Summer break, the Club hosted a Zone Meeting in early September.

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Joe Ryan was President this year and, once again, Paul Clerkin fulfilled the role of Secretary.

All of the records of the year are not to hand, but a video on YouTube will give a flavour of the activities in Joe Ryan's year as President.

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Having been at the top table as Secretary for nine years, Paul Clerkin moved across in July 1993, to take over the President's chair, while John Coade slotted into the Secretary's role.

The first act of the Club in this year was to  give a deserving family of two adults and seven children a holiday for a week.

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Michael Walsh was President in the year 1995/96, while John Coade completed his third year as Secretary.

An early activity in the year was an outing to Cahir and Fethard for 50 residents of Carriglea Training Centre. They were accompanied by several members, led by our President.

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In what was a momentous year for Dungarvan Lions Club, with the hosting of District 105i Annual Convention, Paul Clerkin became President for the second time, while Anne O'Leary, now Anne Power, continued as Secretary.

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Jack Flanagan was President of the Club as we approached and passed the millenium. John Lawless was Secretary.

Jack outlined his aspirations for the year at the first meeting, when all members were asked to submit their names for various sub committees. 

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Jack Stephenson did a second year as President. Michael Colivet took over the Secretary's duties.

At the first meeting in September sub committees were circulated.

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Phyllis Davis became our first female President in the year of the 25th anniversary. Jack Stephenson remained as Secretary.

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Brendan Fitzgerald was President this year. Secretary was Bridget Burke.

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Michael Colivet took the President's chain in July 2007 for the next twelve months.

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Next up for the President's chain was Pat Galvin. Siobhan Fahey stayed in the Secretary's role.

The Club had arranged diabetes screening at Dungarvan Show in July, but the show became a victim of the poor Summer weather and was cancelled.

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Donal Connolly was 34th President of the Club in year 2011/12. Siobhan Fahey was now in her 4th year as Secretary. Donal had the unique distinction of being President of two Lions Clubs. He was founder President of Roscommon Club in the nineties.

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John Dwane assumed the role of President for the second time, 25 years after his first term. Des Power took over from Siobhan Fahey as Secretary with Dermot Arnold remaining as Treasurer.

An Autumn concert was planned for October in the Town Hall Theatre but had to be postponed until later in the year. Nursing Home visits were again a regular and successful feature throughout the year.

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John Harnedy was next to assume the Presidency when he took over from Shay O'Connor. Des Power and Dermot Arnold remained as Secretary and Treasurer.

At the first meeting, in September, Ray McAndrew spoke about the Membership Project, which he was heading. He gave the background, which was of a very successful Club but with an ageing and male-dominated membership. His plan was to seek to redress these two issues.

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John Lawless took on the presidency for 2017/18, with Des Power and Dermot Arnold again Secretary and Treasurer.

The President made his mark early on with a new event, Choirfest, which involved four choirs and was held in St Carthage’s Church of Ireland Cathedral in Lismore. John’s wife Mary was instrumental in putting all of this together. It turned out to be a great success, both for entertainment value and financially.

Diabetes screening was again a feature at Dungarvan Show. Thanks to the huge crowd for the 100th running of the Show, we also saw our numbers increase to over 300.

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At the end of the July meeting, John Hanlon took on the presidency, for the second time, 23 years after his previous term. Des Power and Dermot Arnold continued as Secretary and Treasurer once more. Outgoing President Phyllis Davis wished John all the best in the coming year and President John, who spoke about his hopes for the year ahead.

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Dungarvan Lions Club came into being in 1978, having been sponsored by Clonmel Club. The small band of enthusiasts (wisely) elected Derry Twomey as the Club's first President. Paddy Gordon was the first Secretary. The Club was chartered on 18th May 1978.

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Cyril Power took over as President in July 1980, and Joe Doyle continued as secretary.

We can report that a bike, donated by Pat O'Connell, raised £191 at the Golf raffle. In addition, the Club held a golf competition which raised £220.

Also, a summer outing for residents of Carriglea was held, with 62 residents and 13 Lions members travelling to The Vee, Mount Melleray and Ballyrafter.

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Outgoing District Governor Joe Costello attended the Presidency handover meeting from Tom Coffey to Michael Holland on June 30th. In his address the DG gave some pointers which Michael felt would be very helpful for the year ahead. Carl Fay was again Secretary.

Michael formed various committees to look after different projects.

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Paddy Gordon was the next to wear the President's Chain, and laid out very clear plans at the July meeting, on taking office. One of these was the setting up of a club in Youghal, which he achieved very successfully. Paul Clerkin took over as Secretary - little did he realise, at that stage, that he would hold the post for the next nine years!

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John Coade was elected as 9th President in the now well established Club. Paul Clerkin continued as Secretary while the previous year's President, John Hurley, became Zone Chairman.

A golf outing and Gala Night were held over the Summer months. In a subsequent analysis it was felt that the Gala Night should be considered in depth before proceeding again the following year.

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Richard Dalton was the President that took the Club into the nineties, while Paul Clerkin was again in the Secretary's chair.

Early in the year the Club provided entertainment for 20 wheelchair users who were holidaying in the area, while transport was provided to bring Senior Citizens to a brass band recital.

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Next President of the Club was John Dwane, while Paul Clerkin at this stage seemed to have made the position of Secretary his own.

Dave Reynolds ran the Dublin City Marathon on behalf of the Club, raising £1,034. This was a very sporting year as the Club team won the Regional Golf final in Killarney.

Having had some involvement with the setting up of Midleton Club, several members attended their inaugural event.

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Pat O'Sullivan was next to wear the President's chain, while Paul Clerkin did his ninth year of secretarial duties.

Unfortunately, all information for this year is not currently available, but we have some snippets. 

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After ten years on the top table as President or Secretary, Paul Clerkin retired (albeit temporarily) to the back benches as Eddie Holohan took over as President. John Coade stayed on as Secretary.

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John Hanlon was the next wearer of the President's chain. Anne O'Leary took over the Secretary's duties for the year - and also became engaged during the term.

A sad event early in the year was the death of one of our stalwart members, Matt English. This was followed not long afterwards by the untimely death of another great member and former President, Willie Flavin. John O'Brien's wife also went to her eternal reward during the year.

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Ray McAndrew took over the office of President in July 1998. Peter Carey took on the Secretary's role.

There had been a few events over the Summer months. Over 40 from Carriglea attended Leahy's farm, while children from St. John's School had a great day out in Splashworld, Tramore. Also, a very enjoyable barbeque was held at Dungarvan Rugby Club. Proceeds from this enabled a special bath to be purchased for patients at Dunabbey Home.

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Jack Stephenson became President in July 2000, with John Lawless remaining in the Secretary's chair.

Some planning was undertaken during the break and it was a case of hitting the ground running from September. The officers had attended a briefing of roles in Dublin in August given by the District.

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As the Club approached the quarter century mark, the new President was Mick Brosnan, while Jack Stephenson took on the role of Secretary. The files for the year contain a letter from the World President of Lions International, Kay K Fukushima congratulating the Club.

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President for 2004/2005 was Eamonn Moore. Bridget Burke took over the role of Secretary. Eamonn made a nice gesture at the handover meeting by making a presentation of a framed photograph to his predecessor, Phyllis, of the St. Patrick's Day Parade horse & trap in which she travelled.

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Bridget Burke became the second lady President of the Club. The Secretary's duties were carried out by Paul Clerkin.

A reunion of those who travelled to Trabolgan was held in Lawlor's Hotel in October. This was combined with a tribute and presentation to Jimmy Duggan, who had supported us with his music for years with his good friend, Johnny Moloney, in Trabolgan and at Hospital Visits. 

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In the year 2008/09 Jack Stephenson came in as President for his third term. Siobhan Fahey took over as Secretary.

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President for 2010/2011 was Diarmuid Horgan,while Siobhan Fahey continued as Secretary.

Just before the season started, the President, Vice President Donal Connolly, and Paul Clerkin attended Regional Training in Cahir. Some members also attended PR training in Kilcoran Lodge given by Deputy District Governor, Ciaran Mullooly, which they found to be very good.

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President this year was Des Power, with Siobhan Fahey continuing as Secretary and Dermot Arnold as Treasurer.

At his first meeting, Des laid out his strategy saying that it was his intention to spread the load of organizing events across all the members of the club. This was an acknowledgement of the fact that Dungarvan Lions is one of the most active clubs in the country, and it was to prove a winning approach for the course of the year.

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Shay O'Connor was the new President for 2014/15 with Des Power and Dermot Arnold staying on as Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

The September meeting was attended by the incoming District Governor, Pat O'Brien, who was warmly welcomed by the President. The DG in turn congratulated the Club on the level of activities undertaken. He suggested that we consider forwarding material for inclusion in the DG Newsletter. He then presented long service awards to Phyllis Davis, John Hanlon, John O'Brien, John Dwane, John Coade, Paul Clerkin and Brian McNally.

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As Ray McAndrew took over the presidency, for the second time, with Des Power and Dermot Arnold remaining as Secretary and Treasurer, it was against a most uncertain background. WLR had decided to run a fundraising campaign of their own, thus ending a cooperation that had lasted almost 30 years. This removed the major plank of our Christmas Appeal, the on-air auction. It was decided to hold a Monster Raffle in its place and a committee, under Ron Twomey, was formed for this purpose.

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At the end of the July meeting, Phyllis Davis took on the presidency, for the second time. Des Power and Dermot Arnold continued as Secretary and Treasurer once more. There were suitable words from outgoing President John Lawless and Phyllis, who spoke about her hopes for the year ahead.

Before July was over we had a very successful film premiere of Mamma Mia 2, the Cunnigar Crossing, organised by the Dungarvan Hillwalking Club, and our, by now, annual Diabetes Screening at the local Show.

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At the end of the July meeting, which was held via Zoom, John Considine took on the presidency. Des Power and Dermot Arnold continued as Secretary and Treasurer once more. Outgoing President John Hanlon, wished John Considine all the best in the coming year and President John, spoke about his hopes for the year ahead.

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