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President for 2004/2005 was Eamonn Moore. Bridget Burke took over the role of Secretary. Eamonn made a nice gesture at the handover meeting by making a presentation of a framed photograph to his predecessor, Phyllis, of the St. Patrick's Day Parade horse & trap in which she travelled.


The first big event of the year was the launch of Neil Hurley's CD in mid November in the Park Hotel at a concert organised by the club. Neil kindly agreed to to donate proceeds of sale of the first 1,000 CDs to the Club funds. This proved to be very successful, with a contribution of €9,220 to Dungarvan Lions Club. John Coade was again to the fore heading up a very active sub committee.

A Primary School poster competition was held - What the Lions Club is all About - in conjunction with Dungarvan Shopping Centre. 26 schools took part, with Glenbeg emerging as the winners. Another early season event was a charity night run for the Club by Dungarvan Bridge Club.

As well as all of this fundraising, hospital visits were arranged in Dunabbey and St. Carthages, Lismore. In fact these hospital visits continued throughout the year. Phyllis also organised a Trabolgan reunion.

Again the Christmas Appeal was a great success. However, as always, the Club acknowledged that some things could have gone better. A sub committee was set up to have an in depth look at the whole project. This subsequently reported back with lots of recommendations for future years.

The Christmas Swim went ahead, this year without John O'Brien entering the water - the first time in 33 years! However he ably fulfilled the role of coach and encourager. Congratulations, John, on keeping this activity going over all of the years, and by leading the way by example. Not so brave was the President.  His recommendation that ALL members swim (A burden shared etc....), was greeted as frostily as Christmas Day turned out. He sought sympathy, but none was forthcoming.

Post Christmas a huge centrally driven fundraiser took place, with Dungarvan Club certainly doing it's bit in support of victims of the Indian Ocean tsumani. Member Jenny Beresford went to Sri Lanka at her own expense to work in a refugee camp. She subsequently did charity work in Tanzania.

In February, the Club facilitated a talk by AA, which was well attended and appreciated by all. 

Again this year, the Club ran the local Youth Award, with the quality of young people taking part being of a very high calibre. Trabolgan was held in June, with Phyllis driving this project, when we entertained 15 guests. Hospital visits also continued on a monthly basis in Dunabbey and St Carthages. 

It was during this year that the Club commissioned the purchase of the mobile unit which has since proved to be invaluable for the Christmas Appeal, diabetes screening etc. A generous benefactor covered the costs, while a lot of discussion took place within the Club on its design.

Certainly, Eamonn had a busy and active year.

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